More information you can find by downloading the notice in the "Download" section.

  1. Participation takes place by filling in the online form at the following website:, under "Register"
  2. The submission fee is 20€ (twenty euros) which must be paid via bank transfer.
    A copy of the payment receipt must be attached to the registration form.
  3. Important: Keep a copy of the "unique ID" code that will be assigned to confirm the registration, it will be necessary for the transmission to be processed.
  4. The project documentation, that can be drawn up with any technique (including graphics, photographs, rendering, etc.).

    The graphic work must be created using the STANDARD DRAWING BOARD (TAVOLA TIPO)” which can be downloaded from the “Download” section of the website

    It must include a maximum of 3 sheets, A3 paper format (saved as a multipage PDF file). A sufficient number of illustrations (floor plans, front elevations, cross and longitudinal sections, perspective views, architectural renderings etc.) must be included in the project. The participants can choose the most appropriate scale (the graphic scale must always be indicated in the illustration).
    This document saved as a multipage PDF cannot exceed a 10 Mb file size.

    The competition is anonymous; anything that could reveal the identity of the designer must not be disclosed in the graphic work or any of the documents submitted (boards, drawings, reports, files). Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

    On the STANDARD DRAWING BOARD there is a small box where the ID number (generated by the technical committee upon receiving the candidate’s project) will be displayed.
    IMPORTANT: the applicant must not fill in this box. This is the technical committee’s responsibility.
  5. The technical report must include a written description of the project (character limit: 3,000 keystrokes, including spaces) saved as a PDF document.
  6. Entries must be submitted by sending an e-mail to from the same e-mail account used when initially registering or by using this free service: attaching the following documents:

    • Registration Form: saved as a pdf file, indicating the same name and surname of the contestant indicated in the earlier registration step, as well as the unique ID code.; (Facsimile can be downloaded from the section "Download")
    • Graphic Work: a pdf file, following the instructions in Art. 7.1; ("STANDARD DRAWING BOARD" can be downloaded from the section Download")
    • Technical Report: a pdf file, following the instructions in Art. 7.1;

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